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The Quest for the Horns, Book 1

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The World of Gaiana stands on the brink of a deadly danger. The maniacal Zardock, apprentice to the great wizard Morandor, is searching for the mysterious Vale of Unicorns, and the great Arcane power contained within. Should he succeed, Zardock could plunge the world into darkness. Worse, his evil deed could erase magic from the world forever!

Grendel Darkmoon and his friends are in pursuit of the rogue wizard, and determined to stop his evil scheme. Braving the magic-fearing land of Rhutalath, the companions hope to bring an end to the danger quickly, and to return home. Little do they know, the Quest for the Horns will take them on an adventure beyond their wildest expectations..........

This story is the intellectual property of the author, Paul Jones, and is copyright (2002-2003).


Chapter 1: Firewood- Mep and Bremmy encounter Stormcrows in the forest.

Chapter 2: Into the Marshes- The company take a shortcut through the Gratar Swamps.

Chapter 3: Dread Tidings- The Inquisitor, Jose El Norid, is pursuing Grendel and friends.

Chapter 4: The Ploughman Inn- The company reach the safety of Stonegate, where they are being watched by a mysterious stranger.

Chapter 5: Costs and Benefits- Morandor discovers the location of Valaxus.

Chapter 6: Loot and Rout- Grendel and Maree's robbery brings them to the attention of Jose.

Chapter 7: Unexpected Help- The group are attacked by the Inquisition.

Chapter 8: Eaves of Darkness- Grendel and Friends reach the Nevergreen Forest.

Chapter 9: Valaxus- Finally, the group meet the dread wizard, Valaxus.

Chapter 10: Prey- Encounters in the Forest of Mists.