child_m.gif (3208 bytes)ale of Light


No wonders lay in the land beyond the tunnel. The beautiful sight they expected to behold had been tarnished and tainted. The beautiful deep blue sky had been replaced with darkest night, and the clear weather was hidden by deep-black clouds, highlighted by electrical storms. The lush green hills were brown and barren, and the myriad shining streams were dried and cracked. The majestic trees were tumbled and lifeless, and broken. Tragedy lay in the land beyond the tunnel.

Unicorns staggered across the broken fields, yet they were not the beautiful and magical creatures they had expected to see. They were grey, with dull lifeless eyes. Their horns were missing. They bleated in despair.

Galana, Queen of the Vale of light, sat weeping amidst her herd, her tears mingling with the blood of slaughtered sylphs. She wept loudly in fear and anger. A vision of beauty still, clothed in thin green robes, she looked with pity and sadness on Grendel, Maree, Bremmy and Mep.

"You’re too late," she said, softly. "He has already been here. He has what he came for. You’re too late."

Tragedy lay in the land beyond the Tunnel. Darkness had come to the Vale of Light!