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Name: Valkrist Draugring
Other Names: Kuros V, Wolfbane, The Angry
Home: Carmal, Ardadain
Born: 25th December, 1441
Died: 28th April, 1473
Age at Death: 31
Level: 18
Race: Common Man
Profession: Smith
Player: Gary Clarkson

Strength 100
Quickness 70
Presence 68
Intuition 88
Empathy 54
Constitution 90
Agility 90
Self-Discipline 55
Memory 64
Reasoning 64
Appearance 59


Weapon : Warhammer 143
Weapon: Battlehammer 176
Weapon: Broadsword 122
MIA: Soft Leather 119
MIA: Rigid Leather 117
Boat Pilot 79
Weapon: Crossbow 113
Hide Item 60
Disguise 112
Brawling 113
Tumbling Evasion 27
Appraisal 106
Poison Lore 54
2-Weapon Combo 105
Adrenal Move: Landing 55
Control Lycanthropy 157
All Smithing skills 149
Armourer 149
Fire-Starting 149
Stalk/ Hide 128
Frenzy 99
Perception: Smell 100
Taunt 82
Pick Locks 116
Disarm Traps 91
Claw 140
Bite 146

LANGUAGES: Ardanian 7, Parzifan 7, Magogi 4, Orcish 3

PP: 0 HITS: 220

AT: 8 DB: 29


SPECIAL: Lycanthropy: Were-wolf.

Reverberative Strength (as Background Option)

Natural AT3

Can Levitate 1x day.

All strikes do x2 damage, and a UB critical of –2 severity.



Draugring: +25 Battle Hammer, magic and Slaying to wolves and were-wolves. +25 to smithing skills if used in forging.

Amulet of Standing- Wearer is immune to fear.


Background:Valkrist was raised in the quiet village of Carmal, on the Ardadain/Wildland border. He never knew who his parents were- he was raised by a man named Grul, but he knew he wasn't his real father. Valkrist was given to Grul when he was a baby, and Grul would never speak about it. The only clue he had to his identity was a star-shaped birthmark on his back.

Grul was a blacksmith, and taught Valkrist everything he knew. however, Valkrist was reluctant to learn, and was more interested in fighting. Occasionally, an old man named Galen, a friend of Grul's, would come to visit. He would teach Valkrist everything he needed to know about combat, and how to weild a weapon. His favourite weapon became the hammer, which he could use even when practicing his smithing. He and Galen became good friends.

Valkrist would frequently spend time away from home, visiting his friends in the nearby town of Salan. Grul would get infuriated at this, as Valkrist was missing out on his training. One night, whilst returning from Salan, Valkrist was attacked and bitten by a were-wolf. Instead of killing him, the wolf then ran off. This confused Valkrist greatly, and he told no one about it. Ever since that day, his temper was a lot easier to flare.

When Valkrist was sixteen, Grul insisted that Valkrist went to the Smith's Guild in Gonando, to learn his craft. Valkrist protested, and appealed to Galen. To his surprise, Galen also insisted that he went to the guild. Angry, and refusing to go, Valkrist stormed out of the village. He went to Salan, and lived with his friends Berunez and Kimble for a fortnight.

After a couple of weeks, Valkrist calmed down. His friends convinced him to return home to sort things out. When he arrived back at the village, he found it burnt, and all the villagers killed. There he found Grul, dead, his face maimed. Valkrist began to cry. Suddenly, a group of 10 Orcs leaped out, each emblazoned with a symbol of fanged lips.

"We've come for you, man-boy!" The lead Orc said. "Our mistress wants you!"

Hate erupted in Valkrist, and he changed into a wolf. He charged on the surprised Orcs and killed each one. None were left standing. Valkrist changed back, and cried over the body of his father.

Galen suddenly appeared. He told Valkrist that the Orcs destroyed the village, looking for him. He told him he was to go to the Smith's Guild, as it was as good a place as any to hide. Valkrist agreed, but did so to honour his father's last request- Valkrist never hid!

After a few years at the Guild, Valkrist forgot all about the people searching for him. Galen never came to visit, and Barunez and Kimble only once. Valkrist made two very close friends- Berric and Peppin. The three of them became very close, and worked in the same workshop. After four years, all three of them graduated as journeymen. They set out into the world, to make their earnings.

The three of them travelled together, and had many adventures on the way. They met a halfling named Toby, who also joined them. However, tragedy struck when the four of them assaulted an Orc fortress, to rescue a caravan. All three of his companions were killed and Valkrist barely escaped with his life. In sorrow, Valkrist continued to wander, with no aim in sight. Eventually, his wanderings took him to Rhutalath. There, he was re-united with his friend Berunez, who had been looking for him. It was not long before fate took him away too, as Berunez got lost in the Riddle Caves, and was never seen again. Valkrist, lower than ever, began to think he was cursed. He even contemplated suicide once or twice.

This changed when Valkrist met Eddie and the rest of his friends. They had a light-hearted view on life, and made Valkrist less pesimistic. He cheered up greatly when he was around them. This chance encounter lead to the formation of what would eventually become the Company of the Sword.

During the quest, Valkrist discovered he was the firth incarnation of the legendary Kuros, and only he could wield the Sword of Kuros, the only thing which could kill the Death Queen. That is why the Orcs were after him. Valkrist vowed to complete the quest, and slay the Queen of Darkness. Before he did so, he returned to Gonando to gain his rank of Full Smith, as well as to inform Berric and Peppin's parents of their deaths.

When the sword shards were collected, it was up to Valkrist to re-forge the sword. In this, his Smith training was ideal, and Valkrist silently thanked Grul for convincing him to o to the guild. Maybe Grul knew this all along.

Valkrist was killed on the final boat voyage to the Godlands, to get the sword enchanted. Here, they were attacked by a Logurta, and Valkrist leaped in front of the creature to save Galen's life. Valkrist was killed instantly by the creatures magic. Without Valkrist to wield the Sword, the Quest was doomed. So, the essence of Valkrist was transferred into Prince Theos, so that he could wield the blade. And so it was left to Theos to slay the Death Queen.......