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Vortos Kalas was born fifty years ago, in the Atleantean province of Gorias. At the age of 18 her joined the Antillian Navy, and fought in many battle with the enemies of the Empire. Her quickly gained the rank of admiral, and commanded the Third Eastern Fleet.

This changed ten years ago, when he was seriously wounded in a fight against the Horsan fleet, and was relieved of duty. The replacing officer lost the battle, and the fleet was forced to retreat. Although he recovered, Kalas quickly realized that he was getting too old for warfare, and too cocky, and that he’d endangered his crew. He left the navy, and instead signed up for the Eastern Trade and Settlement Company, where he captained a colony ship. During this time he got to explore a lot of the Imperial colonies, and he met and fell in love with a Miradoran Trader named Lilani. The two married and Kalas settled down in Mirador as a provincial governor.

Since then, Kalas has been reassigned to Belestar, where he has become regent. He now lives in Fort Belestar with his wife, who has set up a small tobacco plantation to the north of the fort.

Kalas is a fair and just ruler, though dangerous if provoked. He respects the Vultani, and Queen Horsatia, and is struggling to help the Vultani maintain their cultural disctinction. He hates Belestar, finding it harsh and untamed, and misses Mirador. But he is a loyal servant of Atlantea and will see his assignment through. Vortos Kalas is a tall man, and good-looking despite his many scars. He is kindly unless angered.