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The Whiteguard are an elite group within the Rhutalathian army. A cavalry unit, their preferred steeds are the pegasi which roam wild amongst the hills of Pegador. Stationed at Fort Peg, the Whiteguard are considered the veterans of any battle-field, and only the most seasoned warriors are allowed in their ranks. As well as riding pegasi into battle, the Whiteguard are also charged with capturing and looking after the winged steeds. A vast complex at Fort Peg has been established for rearing and taming the creatures. Although their rank structure is the same as that of the military, their veteran status means they seldom have low ranks, and always command the battlefield.

A Whiteguard, upon being accepted into the ranks, must spend a year of gruelling training. He is then sent out to capture his own steed. Two or three years are then spent taming the pegasus, thus ensuring a bond with the steed. Because of this very few Whiteguard are under the age of 30.

The Whiteguard, as their name suggests, dress in white surcoat and breeches, emblazoned with a red pegasus. Although Pegadoran in origin, the Whiteguard number in the ranks of every duchy's army. When stationed away from the home duchy, the Whiteguard wear the foreign duke's emblem on their cape. Yet all Whiteguard answer, above all, to the Duke of Pegador. The Whiteguard frequently use polearms, like spears and tridents, in battle.


Longsword 3

Polearm 5

Longbow 3

Ride: Pegasus 4

MIA: Soft Leather 4

Body Development 4

Pegasus Handling 3

Tracking 2

Pegasus Training 3

Pegasus Healing 2

Flying/gliding 4

Perception: Sight 1

Pegasus Lore 4

Set Trap 1

Each Whiteguard receives a trained pegasus.

Must forsake 2 levels. In addition, the character must have already purchased the 'Rhutalath Noble Soldier' training package.