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Mendoza II

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Zamerigo is the current Sovereign King of Rhutalath. Like all the kings since the Usurption, he is descended from Angabor, and is the most recent in a long-line of Priest king pretenders. Young for a king, Zamerigo (known as young King Jiego to the populace) is only 33 years old. He ascended the throne when his father abdicated to become pope. Like all heirs to the throne, Zamerigo went through rigorous Inquisition training, becoming an Inquisitor at the early age of 21.

Zamerigo is, like all the priest-kings, devout, and wholly religious. He is in charge of the whole country, including the priesthood and Inquisition (though the Pope tends to be in command of the latter at the king’s behest). Zamerigo, still young, has a distaste for the day-to-day tedium of the monarchy, preferring a martial role. Trade unions and petitions are particularly boring to him, and he leaves such mild affairs in the hands of his beloved wife. So far, the queen has been unable to provide His Holy Majesty with a heir, yet they are both young and are in no rush.

Zamerigo made his name in the Third holy War, in Larador, where, as Prince, he was in charge of the Rhutalathian Crusade. Zamerigo fought valiantly, though eventually the Inquisition lost the war. Yet he made history by successfully negotiating with the Star-Lord commander, High Priestess Giliana, for territorial rights in the Holy Waters.

With a love for fighting, and in expanding the religion of Khanusan, Zamerigo rightly feels restrained by his crown, and the affairs of home. Yet, he understands his duty, and performs it admirably. Although he may shun menial tasks for the thrill of war, he is nevertheless beloved by his people.

Zamerigo is a tall man, with long black hair. His face always seems to carry a look of amusement, though in truth this is rarely the case. Sceptical, and slow to laugh, he rarely suffers fools. Yet, when he is amused, his laughter is uncontrollable and contagious.