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Zar-Gorzan is the largest and most powerful state north of Daenor. The majority of Ilmanor's Shaku are stationed here. It is here that the Shadowmage is gathering his forces, ready for a possible strike at Malidor. Both the warlord, Gorzan, and the Overlord make their residence here. Mighty fortresses and towers are scattered across the horizon, where ever you look, and the roads are watched continuously.

The North Forest

The North Forest is home to the Overlord's Guard, the main fighting force of Ilmanor. The forest is full of fortresses, barracks and towers, all scattered around Kalimar's capital city, Umaga. The fortress is off-bounds to any travellers, and trespassers will be executed. In the centre of the forest, Kalimar is building a number of large war-machines, awaiting the day when the Shadowmage will give the order to strike north. Over half of the state's orcs are stationed in the forest, training excessively, and occasionally doing raids into Malidor. Kalimar has cast a spell of Shadow over the entire forest, stopping most creatures from living theere, and stunting the growth of the trees.

Forest of Lore

The Forest of Lore was once the location of the Halls of Aether, home of the Aetherguard of Alqador. Long since abandoned, the hall is home to a group of Daenor dark priests. The forest itself is in the middle of an Earthnode, and it is not unusual for strange events to take place. Many of the trees have Awakened, and strange and magical herbs grow on the forest floor. The Dark Priests are able to draw on the essence of the Node, and are capable of manipulating powerful flows of magic.

The Chatmoig Hills

Named for the large population of Chatmoig who make the hills their home, the Chatmoig hills stand an average of 700ft. The hills are a common hunting ground for Orcs, who prize the Chatmoig for its meat and fur. However, the Orcs fear the chatmoig, and it is rare that less than 10 hunters are found in a party.

Fornarda River

Once essential to the trade with Malidor, the Fornarda river has since served as a means of bringing troops from Daenor to the Northern Territories. Daenor ships sail up and down the river constantly, depositing cargo and officials where need be. Most Orcs avoid the ships, preferring to walk than sail on the unpredictable waters.