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Zaria is the sister of Yamaile, and now resides in Carakum. Spending her earlier years with her mother, during the Long Siege, she learnt restraint and how to bide her time. It was Zaria who broke the siege of Iaur Angudum, by going amongst the army generals and seducing them to betrayal. She then spent many centuries in Vancumar, in charge of the Ras'i'mar, before joining her brother during the Second Dark War. The youngest of the Morhiri, Zaria serves as Yamaile's second-in command, and his most trusted advisor. Blessed with an unearthly beauty, and the same cruelty as her mother, Zaria often advices stealth and caution, where Yamaile insists on direct action. When not in Carakum, Zaria is often abroad, disguising herself in order to seduce and corrupt kings and officials. She is currently disguised as Lady Tarwen, the lover of King Kuros of Malidor, and is forcing his to stay his hand as the invasion of Rhutalath takes place.

It was Zaria who founded the R'ash'ana, the Servants of Lore, combining her love of subtlety and deadly force. Acting through the Loremaster, she controls the destinations andoperations of the R'ash'ana, sometimes even appearing in person to guide them. It was also Zaria who learnt of the assassination plans for the Death Queen, and ordered the Scrolls of Prophecy to be burnt. In many ways, Zaria's control and Yamaile's obsession combine to form a lethal mixture. Completely loyal to her brother, Zaria yearns as much as Yamaile for the downfall of the heirs of Kuros.