child_t.gif (3413 bytes)ope Zygram (Mendoza) III

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Pope Zygram is an elderly man, father to The High Soveriegn. Although once High Sovereign himself, he resigned when he became too old to lead his armies into battle, or to ethetically run the country. Leaving that task to his son, he abdicated (as is common in the Mendoza family) to take over the role of Pope, as soon as the previous pope (Zygram’s own father) died. Zygram is a pious and good man, and an extreme passivist. He finds the execution of mages and elves distasteful, though he knows they are necessary according to the scriptures. However, he rarely attends the executions, unless to bestow a blessing on the condemned.

Despite his advancing years, the Pope sill maintains a quick mind and wit. His duties as head of the Church, are performed zealously, and he spends many days, during the festivals, talking to and blessing the pilgrims in the plaza. Although he lives in his stately manor in Garalis, he spends the festivals in his ‘summer palace’ in Gorgomas. He is well-loved by the people.

Zygram is a tall and dominating man, with kindly eyes. His hair is now grey, though he shaves his head in the fashion of all popes.